That Was Short

February 17, 2017

He was a short,stout, and squat creature. Frog like,but with much thicker limbs. When he tried to squat down, he found out couldn’t do squat and promptly sprung up, flying straight up, only to be impaled by a stalactite.


On The Square

February 14, 2017

Under every chuckle and smirk lies some seriousness especially if one is given to kidding on the square. A straight ahead look, slightly upturned lips, but don’t think this is a joke. Surely we can have some fun, but don’t cross that line buddy and I really hope you know where that is,  because there will be no excuses should the boundary  be  breached. It is clearly marked and not in something malleable like sand, but more like a large and unforgiving speed bump.

Not Often Is How I Want It Like That

February 13, 2017

Some things are OK lukewarm such as baths, I sure don’t want to get scalded, or frozen. For most things, however, make hot or make it cold. I can order iced tea or regular tea, which is served hot. There is no market for lukewarm, however. We all want it hot or cold. But when it comes to lovers we all like them hot, even God!

Smooth and Mellow

February 11, 2017

Like lush strings backing Wes Montgomery, but not necessarily Lawerence Welk. Long soft locks compared to scruffy beards. Vanilla bean ice cream’s velvety richness unlike the coarseness of almond fudge, but don’t get me wrong, they both are great.

Are you sure?

February 9, 2017

Make sure the herd you are following has really heard who they are following and where they are headed.

Sometimes it is seen

February 5, 2017


Do I really look around enough to see and recognize how much there is to enjoy and be grateful for in life? Blue Train by John Coltrane in the background,  even when the pain killers have worn away and that peculiar throbbing has returned, but fails to hit the same groove as the bass player. Regardless of the lack of  rhyme or reason. Still somewhere lurking in the shadows He is still with me through it all.

Clutches and Control

January 29, 2017

Automatic  or manual? Wanting to be in control, or let someone or something make the decisions for you? Like to watch it wind out and even red line!

January 16, 2017

Exquisite should be beautiful, hopefully peaceful, perhaps rare, tasty making one think of fine truffles, chocolate ones that is.

It takes two to get it done.

January 14, 2017

Capable  and willing is the winning combo. One without the other is usually leads to a sad result.


October 25, 2016

Could be Tim, or bubbles. Small but not necessarily insignificant, often lost then sorely missed. Like a gentle peck or the promised sliver from one’s dinner date desert. Definitely not how one should be hugged. Unfortunately like most raises and self absorbed doling out of praises to others. Tiny.