Where Does It End

When I was a kid I went to the observation deck of the Empire State Building. That before I took a flight in an airplane. My perspective of what a huge height was changed then.  Never have been in a spaceship or to the grand canyon, but my mind has grown enough to comprehend the vastness, though I’m sure being there might change my mind.

My first computer had one meg of RAM in it. At the time that seemed huge with two floppy drives. A few years later, my first hard drive 420 Megs. I thought that was an ocean, that couldn’t be filled.

The Universe is massive, more so than ever imagined, constantly growing, yet made of as we discover, increasingly smaller and smaller particles. A candle of infinity burning in both directions, yet never dripping wax or diminishing in size.

The God particle unbelievably small, and still He holds it all in His hand.


One Response to “Where Does It End”

  1. Steve Johansen Says:

    I remember those days of getting into the computer tech stuff. I to remember my first machine, 1 meg of sipp memory and a 40 meg hard drive with monochrome monitor. Boy did I think I was techno savvy! Then there was the boost to a 170 meg hard drive and it would never get filled. Well how things change, I now look at things a little different. I will enjoy seeing God in heaven with the vastness of beauty he has created. But I am still at awe of the creation he has made of this great planet called earth, but heaven will be “MIND BLOWING”!! 🙂

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