It Is Not My Fault

They can’t help it, poor little creatures. That works fine as an excuse for animals and babies for poor behavior. That is just their nature. Should the babies make it to some level of maturity, it is hoped that the old selfish nature has diminished and a less self-centered one has emerged.

Still, within humanity the struggle to be freed from the limitations of selfishness to selflessness is a tremendous internal fight, the only route to selflessness is to come to the conclusion, the self must die. Not the most popular of ideas to have appeared.

If only my nature would change, then my problem would be resolved.As a new nature would give  new instincts


One Response to “It Is Not My Fault”

  1. Olga Says:

    I believe that is precisely what Jesus’s message is, to be born again in spirit and in truth. We come to God and that is just the doorway for transformation.
    How much we can be transformed, how fast? It’s up to us. How much we truly surrender to him, his word, his Grace, his love. A very difficult task, we’re so involved in our fleshy old self that the true new creature, created according to him have a hard time to grow and develop. I believe you’re absolutely right, the real new creature is the one with new instincts. Praying for you and always happy to hear from you. Blessings.

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