As Usual, It Depends On Usage

I like it when Nancy calls me that, generally displeased if my boss says the same thing. For those who have earned the right to use it as a term of endearment, sure go ahead. I might even reciprocate. It would be unwise of me to use it in any other usage, save to describe a litteral infant. A child under one year of age. Baby that’s you!


2 Responses to “As Usual, It Depends On Usage”

  1. Advaita Shyam Sunder Says:

    the word baby has become very cliche theee days
    Dont know whether someone uses it as endearment or just for sake.
    Its become very common and less exclusive.
    p.s. Pls go thru my latest blogpost and whichever you can relate with.. share your feedback as interactions help me to write more..


  2. Nancy Davis Says:

    Beautiful piece, Baby!

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