Worth The Wait

The rain gently dribbles off the roof, some getting caught in the palm fronds, turning into glistening drops. As the day slowly winds away into night, the wind increases, no more a gentle dribbling, the rain starts to pelt the glass panes. The rat-a-tat-tat increases through the night, soon to be joined by the rumble and shake of the sump pump.

Daylight arrives, the sky is clear for a while, silence returns. By the time one is used to the peace, the rain returns and the cycle resumes. To be repeated for what seems to be an endless cycle, but it is really just a little over a week.

Now all is clear, the ground soggy. Boots are laced up, a walk through the back yard to the citrus trees and picked some of the low-hanging fruit. Lemons and oranges.

Returned home, boots unlaced and kicked off. A quick rinse and dry of the heavy fruit, slowly the peels are removed. Eyes closed, the aroma wafts to the nose, producing an earthy pleasure. A bite into the orange wedge causes the juices to run down the chin. Now that is some juicy fruit!


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