A Nice Ending

End of the world coverIt was abnormally quiet, Spanky gazed with expectant eyes at her master. Her master’s eyes locked onto hers. They had a beyond the normal bond and today the message was clear. Just two minutes and it will all be over. How did she know and how Freddy was able to decode her message will remain a mystery. Freddy knew from past experience Spanky was a telepathic dog, more than just the usual “Feed me” or “Pet me” types of messages. She was the one that kept nudging her snout into his side, finally she beamed into Freddy’s consciousness “It’s cancer, see the doctor”. Sure enough she was right. She sent him messages about stocks to buy and when to sell. Freddy wasn’t super rich, but he didn’t have to hold a job and only needed to spend about four hours a month managing his portfolio, after a nice long walk together with Spanky, the messages came through loud and clear, don’t be greedy and only invest in green, socially responsible companies. She let him know about people who had Freddy completely bamboozled and showed him how they were taking advantage of him, or worse, spreading malicious gossip about him. She had batted one thousand, and now was not the time to be a doubter.

Two minutes to go, Anita was already out of the house, picking up the phone there was no dial tone, the mobile showed no bars. They were alone. Trying to remember what was really important to him. It seemed silly, where is that chocolate bar, with the sea salt and caramel? The coffee machine was still warm, he would have a minute to spare after making a latte. Getting the espresso going he rummaged around the kitchen, it was a bit of a chore, his left leg was almost completely useless because of the cancer ravaged nerves. “Well I won’t have to worry about the pain meds”, he thought to himself. And no sense worrying about to much sugar today as he spooned three heaping teaspoons into the luxuriously rich foaming mixture. Where could it be, oh yes, the cupboard where the canned goods are.

Sweeping the first row of cans onto the floor, the treasure glinted with its golden lettering on the wrapper. No time to pick up the mess, nor will anybody be around soon to complain about it. Putting the bar in his shirt pocket, and grabbing the still just a bit to hot latte, he hobbled to the living room and placed the cup on the little rickety table that was on the left of his recliner.

There had to be more to do than just enjoy a treat before the end. What else should he do? Where was his Bible? “Only fifty five seconds to go”, beamed Spanky, “and your Bible is under your recliner, don’t ask how it got there!”. Plopping down in the recliner Freddy reached down and making a big sweeping motion snagged the precious book, unzipped the cover. Randomly opening to somewhere in the middle.

Spanky looked earnestly at the chair, tail wagging steadily like a metronome. “You can come on up”, Freddy said to her. She was a little dog, a midget dachshund, small in stature, but with a big and generous heart for someone so small. Making a valiant effort she leaped up and onto the chair, turning herself around she nestled between his left leg and the armrest.

Freddy remembered some more things he had always thought about doing just shortly before he would die, if he knew it was coming. For sure this seemed to be the time to do it. He offered Spanky a small piece of the chocolate bar, yes he knew that too much chocolate could be fatal to dogs, but a small piece before the end of the world, would not be the end of the world. He smirked at that last thought. She gently took the piece out of his fingers and ate it rather slowly for a dog. Very few sounds made Freddy feel so satisfied as the sound of dog happily chewing a piece of crunch food. They always seem to be so pleased with themselves and almost grateful. Indeed while he had long made his peace with his Maker, he had always wanted to read about the next world to come, shortly before his passing, if he knew it was coming. Freddy started to remember some of the great promises about the next world, especially for the righteous. All those hours spent reading his Bible had brought him comfort and that was what he really wanted to remember. Yes the comfort of the promises of no more pain, no more crying, no more dying. Paradise at last, a wonderful garden, after all one of the definitions of paradise is a garden. Taking a small bite of the chocolate bar and savoring it to the utmost, he decided to turn to the end of the Bible. Revelations chapters twenty one and twenty two. There it talked about a new Heaven and a new Earth.

There where only about fifteen seconds left, he remembered the old saying, “All dogs go to Heaven”. He looked at his beloved and faithful companion. What a great friend she has been, up to the last moment. Dogs are wonderful friends, always happy to see you, never tell any of your secrets. So much about love can be learned from spending time with a dog. She looked back, no longer trying to send any other message than, “Thanks for taking care of me”. She seemed to be just like every other dog he had known. Not particularly more intelligent than any other dog, but she was his and he was hers. And that seemed to be all that mattered now. The remaining seconds appeared to drag on incredibly slowly. She put her snout under Freddy’s hand, no special telepathy was required to understand each other. She wanted to be scratched behind her ears. Another sip of the latte followed by a shared piece of the delicious combination of sweet and salt. He pulled her close to his chest, kissed the top of her head gently. They both closed their eyes, remembering all the great times they had together.

Freddy remembered his beloved Anita, knowing that in a few seconds they would all be with each other, never to be separated. That is what Freddy remembered most of the great promises made, creature and Creator would be united together in blissful peace forever. It was a nice way to end it all.

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3 Responses to “A Nice Ending”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Great story, but now of course I want to call and say — “You okay?”
    Love you Nat!

  2. Olga Says:

    This mental narrative you share, those last minutes of someone is to say the least interesting… insightful.
    Facing death is, in my opinion, a very unique and individual experience for everyone. Many will never have the opportunity to share with others their thoughts, feelings, regrets etc. the ones that can, are very lucky, even when I believe, there is no way to fully express the whole experience. I don’t believe there are words to express it and no mental process so profound to habilitate you to put such experience in words.
    But… I may be wrong, maybe a super writer can. Thank you for sharing with us your talent.

  3. Donna Says:

    Wow! Love you, Nat!

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