Odd things seen along a walk

Strolling along my usual route I saw A bearded, graying, red headed fellow whizzing down a hill on an old mountain bike. What caught my attention was the sound, then I noticed that he was pulling a lawn mower along side him and the little wheels where making a peculiar whirring sound, clearly they were not designed to be spinning so fast! After he was out of sight I didn’t think much of it, but a few minutes later I saw him riding up the gentle incline empty handed. No big deal I thought, then a couple minutes later he came speeding down again, this time he was holding the big plastic grass catcher in his hand. Did he forget it? Was he leap frogging the two pieces around? Was it is livelihood? Hard to say, but so far that is the most interesting sight I’ve seen along my walks. More so than the time I saw some peacocks on the roof of a two story house. Who knew they could fly so high? Or when I saw a bunch of wild turkeys lined up single file, then one at a time crossing the street, so orderly they seemed, like soldiers on patrol.


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