I used to be, now I am from 2015-01-19

I used to not write for fun, now I do.
I used to only read non-fiction, now I read fiction.
I used to be real stoic, now I break down.
I used to know what I wanted, now I’m not so certain.
I used to have faith, now surprisingly I have more.
I used to have pain, now not so much.
I used to think most things don’t matter much, now I know they don’t.
I used to skip rope, now I walk.
I used to to have sympathy, now I have empathy.
I used to not have much mental anguish, now I have more.
I used to have joy, now I still do.
I used to be mentally quick, now I’m not so quick.
I used to be employed, now I’m not.
I used to be employable, now I’m not so sure.
I used to take my time, now it’s half time.
I used to be too busy, now I have time to relax and enjoy life.
I used to count my blessings, now I have different ones.
I used to grieve, now I think I know why.
I used to think life can be uncertain, now I know.
I used to like to meet new people, now I make it my business.
I use to know people have stories, now I want to hear them.


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