Looking through the world through three lenses.
Hard to imagine al those mountains under the sea.
Seems more vast than the surface, stark and cold, probably warmer than the surface on average.
Countries splitting continents, such an artificial divide.
Tectonic plate joints look like arteries of a living being.
Trying to get somewhere else, why?
Just to take it over, dig it up, gouge the goodies out.
No Gia fan, still treat it like it needs to be cared for, Earth cares for us.
Jan Hammer could be right, “Earth is our only home”. Let’s not blow it up.
Pins, do they indicate destinations, or targets?
Clear the table, start again, maybe this time I’ll get there.


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One Response to “Maps”

  1. Dennis Cardiff Says:

    Fascinating post. I agree with you completely.

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