Where is the yoke, to tie the baskets together, to help keep my balance?
One basket is empty, needing to be filled so I can move on.
Put my get well cards away there,
box them up,
and put out of sight,
not quite ready to toss though, because they remind of those who have helped pull me through.
Put in the loss of the way it used to be.
In some ways it wasn’t that great either.
Put in grief over lost capacity,
both mental and physical.
Need to empty the other.
For starters, those two boxes from work,
it has been over six months now.
Empty out the grief to make room for joy.
Empty out the past to make room for the present and the future.
When the one is full, can I empty it out and not fill the other?
So I can walk, light and free.
Keeping my balance, extending the yoke,
till it becomes like the tight rope walker’s stick.


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